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  1. 17/06/2021

    Food Quiz: Can We Guess The Age Of Your Relationship?

    Answer our multiple choice food quiz to see if we can predict how long you’ve been in a relationship for.

  2. A close up photo of a burger bun filled with fried chicken, salad, melted cheese and guacamole on a wooden board with sweet potato fries

    5 Easy Ways to Switch to Brioche

    With National Brioche Day fast approaching (14th May), St Pierre is here to show you easy and delicious ways to switch to brioche every day. Every meal is made “magnifique” with St Pierre brioche, whether sweet or savoury, any time of the day.

  3. St Pierre Table Spread

    What is brioche? – 10 things you need to know about brioche

    What is brioche? How do you even pronounce the word? St Pierre is here to answer all your burning brioche questions in honour of National Brioche Day!

  4. St Pierre Brioche Burger

    Brioche Burger Recipes

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner… and anything in between, there’s nothing St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns can’t do. A delicious brioche breakfast burger that will make you keen to start the day. Always with the delicious taste of a St Pierre Brioche Burger Bun to tie it all together.

  5. Woman reading on bed with breakfast on tray next to her

    Jan-YOU-ary: treat yourself to some me time

    This January, it’s all about you and treating yourself – and St Pierre will be sharing ways you can do this throughout Jan-YOU-ary! 

  6. A Christmas croissant recipe featuring honey and goat's cheese

    Christmas Croissant Recipe Ideas

    Infuse a little Parisian taste to your festive meals with our three recipes for delicious and festive recipes