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  1. A graphic which says Make Christmas Magnifique with St Pierre

    Christmas Food Trends & Recipe Ideas

    From European inspiration to British traditions, here are five trends for you to try this Christmas

  2. A photo of a St Pierre Brioche Tear and Share with a sparkler alight placed in the top

    Christmas Sweet Recipe Ideas

    From sweet breaks to showstoppers, St Pierre has got you and your sweet tooth covered

  3. A photo of a place setting with a menu on top of a plate alongside Christmas decorations, cutlery and a wine glass

    Printable Christmas Decor Kit

    Impress your loved ones this festive season

  4. Christmas tips for parents: a photo of a family in the background with a Christmas tree in focus in the foreground

    Christmas tips for parents

    Top tips for mum and dad to make your festive family moments magnifique!

  5. An overhead photo of 'Christmas hot dog rolls with a hand adding cranberry sauce on top

    Christmas Breakfast Recipe Ideas

    Winter mornings are made sweeter with our festive breakfast recipes

  6. Christmas Recipe Masterclass: a lady in a kitchen in an orange apron with St Pierre brioche products and burgers in front of her

    Christmas Recipe Masterclass

    Take a look at how to make two of our festive dishes