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A close up photo of people holding wine glasses with red wine inside

Parisian Christmas styling inspiration

From chic décor ideas to tips on wine and food, take a look at St Pierre's inspiration for the festive season

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Parisian Christmas styling is stylish, chic and simple, with little touches adding that magic to your festive interiors.

If you’re looking for ways to make your Christmas even more special at home this year, take some inspiration from how the Parisians do it.

Homely touches, food and drink traditions and setting the right mood for the occasion are all simple ways you can bring a touch of Paris to your Christmas table.

Take a look at our top tips and tricks below and make your Christmas magnifique with St Pierre.

Parisian Christmas styling: Setting the table

Parisian Christmas styling: an overhead photo of a table setting with cutlery, plates and food

Don’t have matching crockery? No problem, add some creative flair to your table settings by mix and matching different plates, even different napkins. It gives an individual touch to your table and gives it a rustic, homey feel.

Parisian Christmas styling: Bread and wine

Parisian Christmas styling: a close-up photo of red wine being poured into a wine glass

The French take their wine and bread more seriously than anything else. To give your table a Parisian touch, make sure everyone’s wine glass stays full and make sure there’s always bread on the table.

Why not try placing some St Pierre Soft Brioche Baguettes on each end of the table for everyone to share.


A photo of people sat at a table holding glasses of red wine

To really set the mood, a few candles go a long way. Maybe reuse some old wine bottles as chandeliers, light some tealights in clean marmalade jars or mix and match whatever candle holders you have for an eclectic but chic feel.

Think about adding extra decorative elements like a napkin and cutlery holder, and make it extra personal and elegant with some handwritten place cards and menus. We’ve created some you can download and print at home.


A close-up photo of people holding Champagne flutes

For some final touches, play some French music in the background – Edith Piaf and Serge Gainsbourg are some Parisian classics.

Make sure you celebrate your dinner by starting the evening off with some bubbly. Just clink each other’s glasses and say “Santé” to a lovely Parisian evening at home.