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Valentine's Day Brioche Chocolate Dessert Chocolate Dessert Sharer recipe drizzled with chocolate sauce
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Valentine’s Day Easy Chocolate Dessert Sharer

Prep: 5 minutes Serves: 8

Try our Easy Chocolate Dessert Sharer this Valentine’s Day for a simple way to sweeten up your celebrations and impress that special someone.

Valentine’s Day is a day to share with those that you love most, so create a chocolate dessert that is perfect for sharing too. And with this easy chocolate dessert sharer you won’t have to spend too long making it either, so you can make the most of your day with that special someone.

Chocolate is a must for Valentine’s desserts, as it’s known to create feelings similar to that of falling in love, whilst the taste of brioche will make you feel like you’re in Paris. This dessert will have you feeling as though you are falling in love, whilst your taste buds take you on a trip to the City of Love.

Before tucking into this dessert sharer, serve our Valentine’s Blackened Salmon Burger for a gourmet Valentine’s dinner or check out our Valentine’s Day occasion page where you will find a lot of inspiration to surprise your Valentine!


St Pierre Vanilla Brioche Tear & Share
Chocolate frosting
Chocolate sauce
Chocolate chunks


  1. Slice the St Pierre Brioche Tear & Share in half horizontally and and place the top half to one side
  2. Add a generous helping of chocolate frosting to the bottom half of the brioche, spreading the frosting evenly to the sides
  3. Replace the top half and drizzle with chocolate sauce. Sprinkle with chocolate chunks for decoration
  4. Slice and serve

Bon appétit!

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