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Light, rich, decadent, sweet. There’s nothing quite like proper brioche. The ultimate treat for when you want to add a Parisian twist to your meal, or simply enjoy a little indulgence.

While we’re always more than happy to simply enjoy a slice of brioche with jam and butter , sometimes it’s nice to try something a little more exciting. So what do you eat with brioche bread, and what can you do with the French classic?

What can you do with brioche?

From French toast to bread-and-butter pudding, burger buns to decadent toasted sandwiches – there really is no limit to the magnifique creations you can make with brioche bread. Ready to add a touch of French flair to your meals?

Our Favourite Brioche Recipes

St Pierre Brioche Burger With Pickles

What can be made from brioche bread?

The St Pierre team loves exploring all the different ways to indulge in brioche . We have to admit that often we like to take a moment to enjoy our Brioche Loaf simply toasted with lashings of butter and perhaps our favourite spread or jam. However, sometimes it’s nice to introduce a little Parisian-style inspiration and get a little creative in the kitchen.

Some of the best brioche recipes and ways to use brioche include:

  • Bread and butter pudding
  • French toast
  • Croutons
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Burgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Toasted sandwiches
  • Garlic bread
  • Tear and share bread
  • Breadcrumbs

There are so many incredible ways to use brioche to elevate an everyday meal into a culinary experience worthy of a Parisian café. There’s even a whole day dedicated to it – National Brioche Day (14th May)!

Breakfast Bagels

Breakfast brioche recipes

Start the day off right – the French way. Enjoy a slice (or two) of brioche as part of your breakfast and begin your day on a sweet note. Brioche is a classic on the petit dejeuner (breakfast) tables of Parisian cafés for a reason – its soft lightness doesn’t weigh heavy on the stomach, while the rich sweetness provides a certain warmth and comfort for a magnifique way to start any day.
French toast is a classic use of brioche and makes for a wonderful morning treat. Coat slices of brioche in egg wash, fry it gently in softened butter and serve with fresh berries – a recipe for breakfast success.

Our selection of brioche breakfast recipes covers all the options, so you can make sure every mood is covered. Sweet or savoury, topped with fruit or studded with chocolate chips, loaded with vegetables or served with a side of bacon. The best ways to have brioche bread for breakfast.

A table with plates and breakfast burgers in an outdoor setting, Peppers Pancetta Burgers

Brunch brioche recipes

Brioche for brunch is a simple and elegant way to add a Parisian twist to any day. Bridging the gap between a hearty breakfast and a casual lunch, our brunch recipes for brioche provide inspiration and a touch of French flair for your kitchen adventures.

Our brioche recipe collection includes brunch recipes for two people, as well as ideas for serving larger parties for when all your loved ones are together. We’ve created ideas for savoury brunches, sweet treats and the perfect accompaniments for that mid-morning coffee.

Cold pressed sandwiches Sliced Meat Sub

Lunch brioche recipes

Brioche bread’s light sweetness makes it a perfect addition to any lunch table. Our lunch recipes for brioche include twists on classics – grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers and classic finger sandwiches – as well as recipes using seasonal ingredients for year-round foodie adventures.

Add some brioche rolls or brioche bread to your lunchtime menu and you’ll unlock a whole range of recipes for delicious daytime meals. Even if you’re simply grabbing a quick bite before heading back to work, the addition of a simple slice of brioche can make your lunch break feel like it’s being enjoyed on the avenues of Paris.

Posh Steak Hot Dog Sandwich

Dinner brioche recipes

Whether you call it dinner or tea, the evening meal is always one worth looking forward to. After a long day, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a well-earned treat.  Nothing says ‘treat’ quite like brioche, whether it takes the form of golden burger buns or crisp slices of toast.

That’s why our brioche dinner recipes make for the ideal addition to your weeknight menu. Featuring loaded burgers piled high with toppings, sandwiches filled with all your favourites , and savoury bread and butter puddings designed to add a little Parisian indulgence to your evening, there’s a recipe for every mood.

St Pierre Afternoon Tear & Share With Tea Mother's Day ideas

Dessert brioche recipes

Time for something sweet? We’ve created a collection of  dessert recipes using brioche for when you need a sweet pick-me-up. .

Whether you want rich chocolate flavours, piles of fresh fruit, creamy custard or glossy sticky caramel – we’ve got the recipe for you. For when you need a sweet moment of indulgence, look no further than our brioche desserts for a taste of Parisian elegance.

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