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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day Breakfast Brioche Loaf Toast With A Jelly Jam Heart And Butter Spread On A Plate With Flowers and Tea

Take your Valentine’s Day to the City of Lights with St Pierre

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Brioche French Toast Topped With Raspberries & Golden Syrup With St Pierre Brioche Loaf On A Plate

Give your “maman” a taste of Paris for Mother’s Day with St Pierre

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Top Easter Meal Ideas Using Brioche

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National Brioche Day Occasion Loaded Brioche Burger on a wooden board and 4 pack UK St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns on a Paris Balcony with the Eiffel Tower behind

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Hot Dog Platter

Show your “papa” some love on Father’s Day with St Pierre

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UK BBQ Outdoor Spread

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Firecracker Chicken

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Valentine’s Day, on the 14th February, is a day all about celebrating romance and love. Something the French know a thing or two about…

With Valentine’s Day coming up, treat your special someone to a magnifique meal with St Pierre. Whether you’re starting out a new relationship or have been together for years, St Pierre has some delicious recipes that will make your Valentine’s Day at home as romantic as a trip to Paris.

Everyone knows the way to anyone’s
heart is through the stomach

After doing some research conducted with consumers via OnePoll, we’ve found the top foods that Brits would order on a first date, and those that they would save for a few dates down the line. From this, we’ve created a list of the best Valentine’s Day recipes that you can try for yourself to impress your loved one, using a range of our St Pierre products.

Take Our Food & Relationship Quiz

Is the way to your heart really through the stomach? Find out with our interactive quiz, and get some delicious St Pierre recipe inspiration to share with your loved ones.

Hot Dogs With Pickles

What to eat on a first date?

So what should you order on a first date? Messy foods are probably out, but if you’re going on a first date on Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably want to think about what to eat ahead of time. To come up with the ultimate answer to ‘what are the best foods to eat on a first date’, we conducted a survey with OnePoll.

According to our survey, the top 10 foods Brits would order on a first date are: Pizza, Steak, Roast dinner, Ice cream, Lasagne, Apple pie, Salad, Apple crumble, Chocolate brownie and Burgers.

Want to impress a new date with your cooking skills this Valentine’s Day? Try out these recipes inspired by the list above using our St Pierre products to really wow your date.

What to cook for Valentine’s Day?

St Pierre Pizzas Sub Rolls

Pizza Subs

Take a pack of our Soft Brioche Baguettes, top them with tomato puree, mozzarella, chopped tomatoes and pepperoni before garnishing with herbs for simple but delicious pizza dinner.

Perfect for a Valentine’s snack while you’re watching your favourite romcom.

A brioche burger bun filled with a beetroot burger, lettuce, tomato, guacamole and sweet potato fries, on a wooden board

Beetroot Burger

Impress your Valentine’s date with this vibrant veggie burger. Filled with flavour, these burgers include juicy beetroot, fresh guacamole and crispy lettuce all inside our soft and lightly sweet Brioche Buns.


Four St Pierre Brioche Swirls on a plate filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on a plate. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Brioche Ice Cream Sandwiches

For a tasty Valentine’s Day dessert idea, add a Parisian twist to your ice cream and create these simple, but delicious, brioche ice cream sandwiches using our Chocolate Chip Brioche Swirls.


Date Night Burgers

Top Meal for First Date or Marriage Proposals

While steak is one of the top meals for a first date, it is also the preferred meal for celebrating a marriage proposal. It doesn’t matter whether you are about to pop the question, or just getting to know each other, these Steak au Poivre Burgers with peppercorn sauce served inside our Seeded Brioche Burger Buns are sure to leave an impression.

A close up of a woman holding a glass of champagne in both hands

What not to eat on a first date

After doing some research conducted with consumers via OnePoll, we’ve found the top foods that Brits would avoid on a first date.

According to our survey, the top 10 foods Brits would not order are: Oysters, Mussels, Sushi, Ribs, Lobster, Chicken wings, Corn on the cob, Garlic bread, Spaghetti Bolognese and Crab. Apparently, it typically takes four dates before eating any ‘risky’ foods is acceptable.

So, for those of you who have been together a while and no longer need to worry about avoiding those risky foods, we have put together a list of recipes inspired by the list above that you can make your love this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Recipe ideas for couples

An overhead photo of three St Pierre Brioche Rolls filled with a crab and avocado mixture on a long serving plate Ideal For Valentine's Day Quiz

Brioche Sushi Rolls

Using our Brioche Rolls to add a French twist to your sushi, these crab and wasabi sushi rolls will certainly spice up your evening this Valentine’s Day.


Soft Shell Crab Brioche Burger

Soft Shell Crab Brioche Burger

These soft-shell crab burgers not only look magnifique, they taste just as delightful.

Taking a golden St Pierre Brioche Bun and filling it with a fried soft-shelled crab, sriracha mayo and some crunchy lettuce, it’s a Valentine’s Day burger with an unexpected twist.

BBQ Hot Dog Ideas

Rib Rack Hot Dog Rolls

Add a touch of Paris to your favourite ribs, and serve them inside a St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Roll. Add in a little greenery and serve with some coleslaw for a delicious, sticky sweet dinner.

If you want some more inspiration for your Valentine’s Day take a look at our other recipes below, including our Blackened Salmon Brioche Burger. Check out our Valentine’s Day Recipes for more ideas, and remember to celebrate love this February with a touch of romance courtesy of our delicious French-inspired products.

Valentine's Day Recipes

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