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Food Quiz: Can We Guess The Age Of Your Relationship?

Answer our multiple choice food quiz to see if we can predict how long you've been in a relationship for.

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Here at St Pierre, we believe food and romance go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve created a food quiz to see if we can guess which stage of a relationship you’re at.

Based on some simple, multiple-choice questions themed around your food preferences and eating habits, we’ll predict how long we think you’ve been in a relationship for – whether it’s the honeymoon phase or the more comfortable years.

We’ve been able to create this quiz following some research we’ve conducted with consumers via OnePoll to see how much food plays a role in dating and relationships. From this, we’ve created some simple recipes for you to try out at home based on our results, using a range of our St Pierre products. Take a look at our ideas below the quiz.


Top meals for first dates

While mussels, ribs and lobster were among the dishes Brits would avoid on a first date, pizza (39%), steak (37%) and a roast dinner (35%) were the go-to safe dishes for this occasion.

If you’re thinking of cooking for a first date, why not try out some thinly sliced steak inside one of our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls – an easy way to impress, simply served with fries and salad.

Find the recipe here: Posh Steak Sandwiches

Steak inside a Brioche Hot Dog Roll on a table

Popular first date sweet treats

Desserts also proved popular and risk averse for first dates according to our survey respondents, including chocolate brownie (27%), apple crumble (28%) and apple pie (29%) coming out as ideal choices.

If you’re thinking of making a dessert to impress, take a look at this – an apple pie meets bread and butter pudding! Featuring slices of our Brioche Loaf, spiced caramelised apples and sultanas, it’s a unique but easy way to wow someone at the end of a meal.

Find the recipe here: Brioche Topped Apple Pie

A table featuring a dessert made with brioche alongside candles and cutlery

Early risers love to brunch

Out of those who we polled who chose an early morning date as their dating time of choice, 23% said going for brunch helps keep the atmosphere relaxed and casual, and a tenth believe it’s more romantic than any other meal.

A St Pierre brunch favourite is French toast, and this one is one you won’t be able to resist. Slices of our Brioche Loaf topped with creme fraiche, nuts and bananas – brunch made magnifique!

Find the recipe here: Sweet Brunch French Toast with Bananas and Caramel Sauce

French toast on a plate next to a loaf of Brioche Loaf on a table

If savoury brunch dishes are more your thing, why not try out this dish as an alternative – onions, red peppers and diced pancetta and a fried egg, served in a Brioche Bun. An upgrade on the classic breakfast sandwich.

Find the recipe here: Red Peppers and Pancetta Brunch Burgers

A table with plates and breakfast burgers in an outdoor setting

Eating out makes for the perfect dating occasion

With 29% of our survey respondents agreeing a first date should always include food, ideal set ups were found to be dining out (65%), going to a food market (27%) and exploring food festivals (25%).

If you’re looking for recipes to bring the street food vibe home, why not try out a Seafood Po’ Boy – a type of sandwich from Louisiana in the USA – served in our Soft Brioche Baguettes.

Find the recipe here: Spicy Prawn Po’ Boys with Sriracha Fries

Street food dishes on a table
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