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Friends Partying Outside Around Table Full of The Best Savoury Halloween Food Ideas

The Best Savoury Halloween Food Ideas

Discover a collection of magnifique and creative savoury Halloween recipes from St Pierre that will add a spooky twist to your celebrations.

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When it comes to Halloween, we often associate it with sweet treats and all things sugar! Halloween is becoming more and more popular in the UK and celebrations are much more commonplace – from at-home themed Halloween meals to more elaborate parties. It’s a time to get creative with your recipes and menus, dress your food up, and add eery eyes  and fangs to your dishes, or spooky spiders and cobwebs to your table decorations.

If you’re looking to balance out your Halloween menu with some savoury delights, you’ve come to the right place! At St Pierre, we’ve conjured up a collection of savoury Halloween food ideas that will thrill your taste buds and add a dash of spookiness to your celebrations that is bound to make your guests say Boo La La!

If you’re looking for more Halloween inspiration, take a look at other Halloween Recipe Ideas, our Top 10 Tips to Throw a Halloween Party, and St Pierre’s Spooky Guide to Paris. We also have a dedicated Halloween occasion – our dedicated online hub of creepy inspiration.

Savoury Halloween Food Ideas

If you are planning a Halloween party or celebration you will be thinking about the menu and how to incorporate some Halloween-themed party food. For savoury snacks and meals that will be loved by kids and adults alike, we have collected some of our favourite ideas for you to choose from.

From our Soy & Sesame Chicken Rolls with Asian Slaw to Smoky Chilli Meatball Subs, we’ve got some spooktacular savoury recipes that will delight your guests’ appetites.

Embrace the flavours of autumn with our savoury treats and elevate your Halloween celebrations to a whole new level of deliciousness. Get ready to savour the season!

It’s that eerie time of year! Explore scrumptious Halloween recipe inspirations featuring St Pierre’s assortment of brioche products.

Honey Roast Pumpkin And Feta Rolls

Honey Roast Pumpkin And Feta Rolls

Seasonal vegetables, creamy feta and golden brioche.

View recipe

Honey Roast Pumpkin And Feta Rolls

Indulge in seasonal vegetables with this delectable Honey Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Rolls recipe for an autumn feast, complete with earthy yet sweet roasted pumpkin, creamy feta and our golden and lightly sweet Brioche Hot Dog Rolls.

If you cannot get your hands on a pumpkin for this savoury Halloween recipe, then you could use butternut squash or sweet potatoes instead. We would also recommend lightly toasting our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls first before adding in all of the ingredients. It will add a subtle crunch to the dish, but will also hold the ingredients well.

Brioche Mummy Bagels

Not only a tasty savoury Halloween food idea to try out on 31st October, but a fun family-friendly activity to try out, these Brioche Mummy Bagels only require four ingredients and will take up to 20 minutes to make and cook. For this frighteningly delicious dish, take a look at our Instagram post to see how to make it.

Makes 4 Brioche Mummy Bagels:

  1. Separate 2 St Pierre Brioche Bagels into halves.
  2. Spread over 200g jar of tomato sauce.
  3. Cut 250g mozzarella into strips to make bandages.
  4. Layer the strips on top of each other to create a ‘mummy’ effect.
  5. Use sliced black olives for eyes and eyebrows.
  6. Pop under the grill on a high setting until the cheese is just browning and bubbling.


Firecracker Chicken

Firecracker Chicken Bagels

If you’re searching for a delightful autumn treat to impress your guests, consider whipping up these Firecracker Chicken Bagels. Spicy chicken nestled within a gently sweet St Pierre Brioche Soft Bagel forms a mouth-watering sweet and spicy pairing. Simple to prepare and perfect for serving at your upcoming Halloween gathering.


To tone down the spice in this savoury Halloween recipe, you could leave out the dried chilli flakes and/or jalapenos.

Sausage Brioche Monster Sandwich

Transform your standard sausage sandwich into something spooky yet magnifique this Halloween with a few tricks plus our delicious St Pierre Sliced Brioche Loaf.

To make this tasty savoury Halloween food idea, simply add cooked sausages to one slice of our Brioche Loaf, then top with triangles of cheese (to look like teeth or fangs of the monster) and a drizzle of ketchup on top). Then top with another slice of Brioche Loaf and hold the sandwich together with some olive eyes on cocktail sticks.

Sausage Brioche Monster Sandwich Halloween Party Food Savoury Ideas
Slow Roast Pork And Apple Sauce Baps - Savoury Halloween Food Ideas

Slow Roast Pork And Apple Sauce Baps

With a touch of sweetness, a hint of savoury, and an abundance of comforting autumnal flavours, these baps combine tenderly roasted pork, luscious apple sauce and our soft Brioche Buns for an indulgent yet comforting Halloween savoury treat.

You could serve these up after a long evening of trick or treating with the family, or even around a fire pit.

Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Houmous

A simple savoury Halloween snack that could easily be served up during your spooky celebrations. This Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Houmous combines classic autumn flavours, and is delicious served with brioche on the side for dunking. Here, we’ve served our Brioche Rolls but you could serve any of our brioche range as an accompaniment to this dish.

If you’re looking for a more simple alternative to this homemade houmous, simply buy a pre-made houmous – caramelised onion, red pepper and sweet chilli are suitable flavours for this time of year – and add some suitable toppings like pumpkin seeds or chilli oil.

Halloween Black Bean Burgers

This Halloween, give our St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns a spooky makeover by trying our scrumptious Black Bean Burger recipe.

A burger bun filled with black bean beetroot burger pucks, melted cheese and salsa verde on a wooden serving board

Halloween Black Bean Burgers

Halloween made magnifique

View recipe

It features zesty flavours, crowned with a tantalising herby salsa verde – a fantastic dish perfect for Halloween and beyond! To give it an extra Halloween look, we’ve used the top of a chilli and placed it on the lid of the Brioche Burger Bun to make it look like a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Soup With Brioche Bread

Nothing screams autumn and Halloween more than pumpkin soup, and it’s readily available in most supermarkets now.

The Best Savoury Halloween Food Ideas - Pumpkin Soup

You could make your own homemade version if you have time, but an easy Halloween savoury food idea is to just buy a pre-made version and heat it up at home, serve in your favourite bowl or mug, and top with a drizzle of cream, along with a few pumpkin seeds and chopped fresh herbs. Elevate this meal by serving brioche bread on the side for something a little more magnifique this Halloween.

Halloween Celebration Ideas

There’s plenty of options to choose from if you are looking to celebrate Halloween. From trick or treating locally to throwing parties for family and friends, spooky decorations to costume parties. Consider traditional pumpkin carving or having a Halloween-themed movie night with friends and family. You can also get creative with DIY decorations, bake Halloween treats, or share scary stories by the campfire.

For a virtual twist, organise online costume contests or parties. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore haunted locations or visit a local pumpkin patch. For more party ideas you can check out our blog on how to host the best Halloween get-together for family and friends. Don’t forget to prioritise safety and, most importantly, have a fantastic and memorable Halloween celebration!

If you try any of these savoury Halloween food ideas tips and recipes, be sure to take a photo and tag us @StPierreUK on Instagram and Facebook. We would love to see your Halloween creations!

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