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Toasted halves of St Pierre Brioche Rolls on a plate with pate spread on two slices
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Pâté Toast

Prep: 5 minutes Serves: 8

A quick and easy light lunch or a tasty afternoon snack

Combine two French favourites, pâté and brioche toast, to create this delicious light lunch or an easy afternoon snack using our Brioche Rolls.


8 St Pierre Brioche Rolls
Pâté of your choice
Pickles or deli bites


  1. Slice the brioche roll lengthways and gently toast or chargrill to a warm, crispy texture
  2. Generously spread your favourite pâté over each half of the brioche roll
  3. Add your favorite pickles or deli bites around the plate, and enjoy

Bon appétit!

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