Printable Christmas Decor Kit

Impress your loved ones this festive season

A photo of a place setting with a menu on top of a plate alongside Christmas decorations, cutlery and a wine glass

Our printable Christmas decor kit makes it easy for you to add sophisticated touches to your festive table settings.

Sitting down for a festive meal with the ones you love is the best part of Christmas. So why not make it extra special with an elegant and festive table setting?

Our St Pierre printable Christmas decor kit is here to take your festive table to Paris, to complement a glamorous display or add a little something to a more minimalist set-up.

Designed to be downloaded, printed and cut out at home, the kit includes everything you need to take your Christmas table to the next level. It includes menus for your festive spreads, place cards for each table setting and a decorative napkin and cutlery holder for extra magnifique element.

You can print the kit in colour or black and white, and to add an extra luxe feel, print them out on white card if you have it to hand.

Either way, they’ll be sure to make your loved ones’ eyes sparkle, whomever you’re celebrating with this year.

If you’re using our St Pierre Christmas table decor kit, why not share photos of your beautiful displays with us on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @StPierreEurope and using our #StPierreChristmas hashtag.

Printable Christmas Decor Kit: Place cards

Printable Christmas Decor Kit: a photo of a place card with a Christmas theme and the name Paul written on it

Something about seeing your name written on a pretty place card makes the whole dinner experience just that much more enjoyable. With a festive border and space for each of your loved ones’ names, it’ll make everyone at your table feel special.

Click the button below to download our St Pierre place cards.


Printable Christmas Decor Kit: Menus

Printable Christmas Decor Kit: a close-up photo of a Christmas-themed menu on a plate surrounded by Christmas decorations

Whether you’re going for traditional food or something different this year, make it official with our Christmas menu template. Like an exclusive bistro, right at home.

Click the button below to download our St Pierre menus.


Decorative cutlery & napkin holder

Printable Christmas Decor Kit: a close-up photo of a fork, knife, spoon and orange napkin inside a card napkin and cutlery holder

Tie your table setting together with some elegant and festive cutlery and napking holders. No need to know fancy napkin folding techniques, just place them in these festive wraps and give your table an extra touch of elegance.

Click the button below to download our St Pierre decorative cutlery & napkin holder.


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