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The Best Christmas Leftovers Recipe Ideas Using Brioche

Take your Christmas leftovers to the next level with our recipes that will take your leftovers to Paris

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Indulge in the magic of Christmas with St Pierre and discover a world of culinary creativity that transforms your festive leftovers into delectable delights. From sumptuous burger sandwiches to tantalising toasties, we bring you the ultimate guide to repurposing your brioche and elevating your post-Christmas meals. Join us on a culinary journey that combines Parisian flair, fashion, and the irresistible taste of St Pierre’s brioche products.

What to do with Leftover Brioche?

Reduce food waste, embrace freshness, and unlock the full potential of your brioche leftovers. We’re here to share tips on keeping your brioche fresh for longer, innovative ways to use stale products, and the joy of transforming them into mouthwatering creations.

Reducing food waste is a crucial concern that impacts both our wallets and the environment.

It’s estimated that a significant portion of food waste originates from our homes. By discovering innovative ways to repurpose leftover ingredients, such as brioche buns, we can actively contribute to minimizing food waste and make a positive difference for our planet.

Here are some inspiring ideas to awaken your culinary imagination:

Cornflake French Toasts Leftovers Christmas Brioche Recipe Ideas
  • Brioche French Toasts: Give your leftover brioche buns a decadent twist by transforming them into Brioche French Toasts, perfect for a delightful breakfast or brunch. Soak the brioche product in a mixture of eggs, milk, and spices, then cook them on a griddle until they turn golden and crispy. Serve with your preferred toppings, such as fresh berries, syrup, or a gentle dusting of powdered sugar. Check out the best and only French Toast recipe you need.
  • Bread and Butter Pudding: With its buttery nature, brioche becomes an excellent choice for a sumptuous bread and butter pudding. Tear the buns into pieces, soak them in a custard mixture, and bake until the top achieves a golden hue, while the inside turns irresistibly moist. Enhance the flavours by adding your favourite mix-ins like chocolate chips, dried fruits, or nuts. Don’t forget to check out our mind-blowing recipe for Bread & Butter Pudding, crafted using our decadent Brioche Loaf.
  • Croutons and Breadcrumbs: Slice your stale brioche into cubes and bake them until they become crispy, creating flavourful croutons. Sprinkle these delectable morsels over salads or soups to introduce an enticing crunch. Alternatively, pulse the buns in a food processor to create homemade breadcrumbs, perfect for coating meats or incorporating into your favourite recipes.

By repurposing your leftover brioche, you not only combat food waste but also unlock your culinary creativity. Feel free to experiment with different flavours, textures, and ingredients to craft unique dishes that showcase the remarkable versatility of this delightful bread.

Let’s now dive into more exciting leftover recipes that will leave you craving more.

The Joy of Christmas Leftovers Brioche Recipe Ideas

Revitalize your taste buds with a medley of festive brioche recipes that bring together the best of Christmas flavours and St Pierre’s signature brioche products. In addition to the recipes from our previous blog posts, we’re thrilled to introduce some new culinary masterpieces that will add a touch of elegance to your post-Christmas feasts.

Leftover Christmas Dinner Buns: The Ultimate Burger Sandwich

Experience the epitome of culinary bliss with our Leftover Christmas Dinner Buns recipe.

Picture St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns enveloping succulent leftover cooked turkey, drizzled with leftover gravy, and adorned with a symphony of flavours including sprouts, stuffing, roasted sweet potato, fresh sage leaves, and cranberry sauce.

This burger sandwich is a feast you won’t want to miss.

Leftover Christmas Dinner Buns

Leftover Christmas Dinner Buns

Take your leftovers to new heights with St Pierre Brioche

View recipe
Gammon & Cheese Toastie

Leftover Roast Gammon & Cheese Toasties: A Toasted Delight

Take your leftover roast gammon to new heights with our enticing Leftover Roast Gammon & Cheese Toasties. Savor the combination of St Pierre Brioche Loaf slices, oozing cheddar cheese, fragrant spring onions, rosemary leaves, and pro-cooked leftover gammon joint from your Christmas dinner. These toasties will transport your taste buds to a Parisian paradise.

Christmas Recipe Idea: Leftover Ham & Creamed Leek Brioche Burgers

Breathe new life into your Christmas leftovers with this recipe for St Pierre Leftover Ham and Creamed Leek Brioche Burgers. Combine leftover ham, stuffing, and sprouts with our golden and light St Pierre Brioche Buns. Top it off with rich and indulgent creamed leeks for an irresistible Boxing Day treat.

Ham & Creamed Leek Brioche Burger

Christmas Leftovers Sandwich Stackers: A Starter Sensation

Elevate your starter game with our Christmas Leftovers Sandwich Stackers. Crafted from slices of St Pierre Brioche Loaf, layered with mayonnaise, succulent leftover roast turkey, peppery rocket leaves, crispy pancetta, tantalizing blue cheese, and a hint of spiced chutney. These stacked, bite-sized toastie sandwiches are perfect for impressing your guests.

A serving board with mini sandwich stackers on it and a stick with a star in each one

Christmas Leftovers Sandwich Stackers

Your festive taste buds will be tickled

View recipe

Pigs In Blankets Hot Dog Rolls

Pigs in Blankets Hot Dog Rolls

Pigs in blankets are a Christmas favourite, and now you can enjoy them throughout the festive period with this recipe for Pigs in Blankets Hot Dogs. Enhance the flavour with fried onions, cheese, and cranberry sauce, all nestled in the golden smoothness of St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls.

Elevate this Christmas classic to an elegant and delicious level.

Christmas Leftovers Recipe Ideas: Ham Hock & Winter Slaw Brioche Rolls

For a different take on a Christmas burger, try our recipe for Ham Hock and Winter Slaw Brioche Rolls. Packed with festive flavours, this recipe combines ham or gammon with a decadent and festive slaw. Enjoy it inside our beautifully golden Brioche Burger Buns with Sesame Seeds for a celebratory dinner option on a cozy night in.

Four ham hock & slaw burgers on a wooden board with Christmas decorations surrounding them

Leftover Turkey & Stuffing Brioche Burgers

Give your Christmas leftovers a touch of French sophistication with this turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce burger. Sandwiched between our Brioche Burger Buns, these burgers will transform your leftovers into a Parisian treat.

Two turkey, stuffing and cranberry burgers on plates in front of a Christmas tree with a Christmas present next to them Christmas Food Trends

Toasted turkey, cheese and cranberry sandwiches sliced in half on a wooden board

Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Brioche Toasties

Add a touch of Paris to your Christmas lunches with our Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Brioche Toasties. Experience the festive taste of turkey and cranberry sauce combined with the French touch of brie and our Sliced Brioche Loaf. It’s a cozy, comforting, and oh-so-good treat.

Questions & Answers

We understand that you may have some burning questions about maximizing your Christmas leftovers. Here are a few commonly asked questions to guide you on your culinary adventure:

How can I ensure my brioche stays fresh for longer?

To keep your brioche fresh, store it in an airtight container or wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.

Can I freeze leftover brioche for later use?

Absolutely! Leftover brioche can be frozen for future enjoyment. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or place it in an airtight container before freezing. Thaw it at room temperature when you’re ready to use it again.

What are some creative ideas for using stale brioche?

Stale brioche is a versatile ingredient. You can turn it into delightful bread pudding, French toast, breadcrumbs for coatings, or croutons for salads and soups.

For more Questions & Answers about our products, please visit our FAQ page.

Unlock the full potential of your Christmas leftovers with St Pierre’s brioche products. Embrace the art of repurposing, infuse your meals with Parisian flair, and indulge in a lifestyle that combines culinary excellence, fashion, and the irresistible allure of St Pierre. Get ready to savour the festive flavours and create memories that will last long after the holiday season.

Where to Buy brioche?

You can find our delectable brioche products at selected NISA and Spar stores, as well as nationwide Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons locations. For online shopping convenience, visit Ocado to purchase our products. To discover more stockists near you, please check our Where to Buy page.

For more inspiring festive recipes, visit our Christmas occasion page. Don’t forget to share your culinary creations with us by tagging @StPierreEurope on Instagram and Facebook.

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