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Classic Brioche Cheeseburgers
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Classic Brioche Cheeseburger

Prep: 15 minutes Serves: 4

Sometimes, only the classics will do

This recipe for a Classic Brioche Cheeseburger is a crowd-pleaser and a delicious way to get back to basics. Made with our light and golden St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns, fresh lettuce and a juicy beef patty, it makes the simple things “magnifique”.


4 St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns
4 beef burgers
4 cheese slices
1 lettuce, torn into medium-sized pieces
1 red onion, thinly sliced
1 tomato, sliced
Burger sauce


  1. Grill the beef burgers according to the cooking instructions on the pack
  2. Lightly grill 4 St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns for 1-2 minutes under the grill – keep an eye on them, as they will toast quickly
  3. Add a thin layer of burger sauce to the base of each Brioche Burger Bun, then add a couple of pieces of lettuce
  4. Place the beef burger and a slice of cheese on top of the lettuce
  5. Finish off with a slice of tomato and a couple of slices of red onion, and pop the Brioche Burger Bun lid on top

Bon appétit!

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