Autumn Burger Recipe Ideas

Burgers perfect to enjoy cosied up indoors

An overhead photo of two burgers on a wooden board with chips, a glass of wine and burger bun pack around the sides

September is here and with the weather starting to turn, St Pierre has come up with five delicious burger recipe ideas perfect for you to enjoy during the autumn season – all served in our light and soft Brioche Burger Buns.

From our Scrambled Egg breakfast burger – the perfect way to start the weekend – to our date night-inspired Blackened Salmon Burger. Take a look at our recipe inspiration below for some cosy autumn-inspired meals.

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Autumn Burger Recipe Ideas: Scrambled Egg Breakfast Burger

Bacon and eggs, with a touch of Frenchness. This ‘eggs-travagant’ breakfast burger is the perfect combination of rich breakfast classics and our buttery tasting Brioche Burger Buns. Fluffy scrambled eggs with smoky bacon, creamy avocado and spring onion make for an ideal weekend treat for those who enjoy a little extra “je-ne-sais-quoi”.

Find the recipe here: Scrambled Egg Breakfast Burger

Autumn Burger Recipe Ideas: a hand placing the top of a burger bun on a burger on a wooden board

Autumn Burger Recipe Ideas: Fried Chicken Burger with Pumpkin Slaw

Nothing warms up a chilly autumn day like fried chicken. This burger is a perfect choice for chicken burger fans looking for an indulgent recipe, with an autumnal twist. Featuring a pumpkin slaw, fresh guacamole, creamy melted cheese and salad, it’s truly “délicieux”.

Find the recipe here: Fried Chicken Burger with Pumkin Slaw

Autumn Burger Recipe Ideas: a photo of a fried chicken burger on a wooden board next to sweet potato fries

Blackened Salmon Burger

A gourmet take on fish and chips in a burger. Our light and buttery-tasting Brioche Burger Buns perfectly complement the fresh and indulgent flavours of blackened salmon and a hint of spice. For a homemade burger worthy of your favourite French restaurant.

Find the recipe here: Blackened Salmon Burger

A photo of a salmon fillet inside a burger bun on top of a wooden board

Portobello Mushroom Burger

Rich, indulgent and vegetarian. This gourmet veggie burger recipe is the perfect autumn treat, full of earthy, warm flavours and topped with our buttery-tasting Brioche Burger Buns, for an autumnal delight.

Find the recipe here: Portobello Mushroom Burger

Autumn Burger Recipe Ideas: a vegetarian burger on a wooden board next to a tea towel

Autumn Burger Recipe Ideas: Beetroot Burger

Capture all the colours of a Parisian autumn with this vibrant veggie burger recipe. Featuring delicate flavours and textures including juicy beetroot, zesty lemon and fresh guacamole, they perfectly balance out the buttery taste and light sweetness of our Brioche Burger Buns.

Find the recipe here: Beetroot Burger

A close-up photo of a beetroot burger on a wooden board

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