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A Christmas croissant recipe featuring honey and goat's cheese

Christmas Croissant Recipe Ideas

Infuse a little Parisian taste to your festive meals with our three recipes for delicious and festive recipes

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To celebrate the festive season, St Pierre has pulled together some Christmas croissant recipe ideas.

Our flaky croissants are as delicious as they are versatile. From sweet to savoury, or maybe a little mix of both, there’s a recipe for every taste, and for the whole family.

A Savoury Croissant Bake makes for a warming lunch, a Mince Pie Croissant Pudding combines that unmistakeably Christmassy taste with the lightness of croissants, and last but not least a Goat’s Cheese and Honey Croissant recipe for when you want the best of both worlds.

If you’re going to try out any of our Christmas croissant recipes and share your creations on social media, make sure you tag @StPierreEurope on Instagram and Facebook.

Christmas Croissant Recipe Ideas: Savoury Croissant Bake

Warming and comforting with a touch of unexpected lightness, our recipe for a savoury croissant bake is packed with delicious breakfast flavours, combined with the light flakiness of croissants. For a delicious moment to share with the ones you love.

Find the recipe here: Savoury Croissant Bake

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Mince Pie Croissant Pudding

A Christmas tradition, with a French twist. Light and flaky croissants, mince meat, custard and a zest of orange come together in this festive dessert, taking classic flavours to a whole new level.

This sweet and festive dish will convert even the most sceptical of your loved ones to the love of mince pies.

Find the recipe here: Mince Pie Croissant Pudding

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Goats Cheese & Honey Croissants

A classic French blend of flavours, goat’s cheese and honey, on a deliciously flaky croissant. Easy and quick to prepare, making all those in-between Christmas meals just as delicious and memorable as Christmas dinner, if not more.

Find the recipe here: Goats Cheese & Honey Croissants

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