An orange mug with whipped cream and chocolate on top, and two cinnamon sticks sticking out

Christmas: Cinnamon & Orange Liqueur Hot Chocolate

Dunk one of our Brioche Waffles in this sweetly spiced hot chocolate for the ultimate festive sweet treat

Prep: 5 minutesServes: 1


St Pierre Brioche Waffle
Half of 100g bar of dark chocolate, broken into small pieces
3 tbsps boiled water
235ml milk
1 cinnamon stick
Peel of 1 orange
25ml orange liqueur (optional)
Whipped cream
Cocoa powder


  1. In a saucepan over a low/medium heat, melt the broken dark chocolate pieces over the stove and add 3 tbsps of boiled water to make it a little runnier.
  2. Once the dark chocolate has melted, add in the milk, cinnamon stick and fresh orange peel, as well as the orange liqueur if you are using it.
  3. Heat the ingredients through and pour into a large mug. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkling of cocoa powder.
  4. Serve with a St Pierre Brioche Waffle on the side – tear pieces off to dunk into your hot chocolate!
A St Pierre Brioche Waffle inside packaging

Brioche Waffle

Soft and sweetly satisfying, our Brioche Waffle is the perfect on-the-go treat. Featuring light brioche and a sugary crunch, it can be eaten on its own or with your favourite toppings for a magnifique snack, breakfast or sweet treat.

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