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Brioche is an enriched French bread. It’s lightly sweet, soft and has a rich golden colour. Brioche works just as well with sweet dishes as it works with savoury ones, and it’s a taste of Paris in every bite.

Brioche works in breakfast dishes, for lunch or dinner, and even dessert. In fact, you could enjoy brioche bread at any meal of the day… for when you want to take your time and enjoy a moment for yourself.

What are the different types of brioche?

St Pierre Breakfast Spread With Brioche Loaf, Brioche Rolls and Brioche Burger Buns

St Pierre brioche comes in a range of styles and flavours. You can savour plain brioche or add an extra touch of sweetness with vanilla brioche, chocolate chip brioche… the delicious combinations are almost endless.

The traditional brioche shape is a round loaf with a smaller ‘head’ or ball on top – the proper name for this type is ‘brioche Parisienne’ or ‘brioche à tête’. These days, when you shop at your local supermarket you’re more likely to see an oblong Brioche Loaf (often sliced) – this is named ‘brioche Nanterre’.

Six St Pierre Brioche Swirls Cupcakes on a plate with a vanilla cream frosting being piped onto one of them

There are also smaller brioche varieties in the St Pierre range, ideal for afternoon tea, an afternoon snack, or a treat for when you just need a little pick-me-up. Our Vanilla Brioche Tear & Share brings a touch of Paris to gatherings with family and friends, and the individual Brioche Swirls make for a sweet moment of indulgence for one.

A common brioche product you’ll often see on menus in the UK as well as in Paris is the classic brioche burger bun. Whether you opt for a shiny Brioche Burger Bun or a more classic Sesame Seed Brioche Burger Bun, upgrade your burger with an elegant French twist.

Peruse our range of brioche products for inspiration, and bring a touch of Paris right to your table.

Mini Beef Burgers

What makes brioche different?

Brioche is a type of bread that is made with butter and eggs, which gives it a rich and tender crumb, a slightly sweet flavour, and a distinctive golden colour. The addition of milk also adds a subtle sweetness and helps to create a soft, pillowy texture.

Brioche is also typically baked into a distinctive shape, such as a round or elongated loaf, or into individual buns. Its golden crust and soft interior make it a versatile bread that can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for sweet or savoury dishes.

Overall, brioche is a luxurious bread that is prized for its rich flavour, tender texture, and versatility for both everyday meals and special occasions.

Brioche Favourites

Distractingly Delicious Women Eating A Brioche Grilled Cheese Sandwich At Work

What does brioche taste like?

Brioche has a rich taste with a subtle sweetness that comes from the addition of sugar. Its texture is soft and tender with a delicate crumb that melts in your mouth.

The butter content in brioche gives it a luxurious mouthfeel and a slightly golden colour. The eggs also add richness and depth of flavour, while the milk makes it moist and tender.

Overall, the taste of brioche is quite distinctive and indulgent – something that with St Pierre brioche is easy to elevate your everyday meals or bring an extra magnifique touch to meals for a special occasion.

Brioche Recipes

Brioche Breakfast Pancake With Brioche Loaf

Does brioche have dairy?

Brioche is a type of bread that typically contains butter, eggs, milk and sugar, so it does contain dairy. You can find out more about ingredients in St Pierre’s products on our individual product pages.

Is brioche sweet?

Yes, brioche is generally considered a sweet bread. It is made with sugar and eggs, which give it a slightly sweet flavour and a rich texture. While brioche can be used for savoury dishes like sandwiches or toast, it is often enjoyed as a sweet treat on its own or as a base for pastries such as French toast, bread and butter pudding, or simply brioche buns filled with your favourite sweet or savoury ingredients.

Brioche Articles

Frequently Asked Questions

What is brioche?

Brioche is a French bread (or, more accurately, a ‘viennoiserie’ – pastry-bread hybrid), with ingredients that can include eggs, sugar, milk and butter.

How is brioche made?

How to make brioche at home? Combine good quality butter, eggs, milk, flour, sugar, salt and yeast and knead into a soft dough – gradually adding the heated milk and softened butter. Brioche dough is kneaded and shaped into rolls, shapes or loaves, and egg washed before baking.

How do you say brioche?

Is brioche bread healthy?

Brioche is an indulgent treat, owing to key ingredients butter, sugar and flour, it’s certainly good for the soul!  It’s a fantastique choice  for when you want to savour a moment or imagine yourself lounging outside a Parisian café, and works just as well in the morning for breakfast as after work for a well-deserved burger.

What is brioche bread used for?

Brioche is a versatile bread that can be used in a variety of ways. During the 18th century famine, bread prices skyrocketed leading to the emergence of brioche as a symbol of social status. The quantity of butter in one’s brioche was indicative of their wealth.

While brioche continues to be a popular accompaniment to tea, it also serves as a versatile food in culinary arts, providing a base for both sweet and savoury fillings.

The beauty of brioche it is that it can be enjoyed on its own or toasted with butter and jam for a simple breakfast or snack. Plus, it can be used in a variety of meals – take a look at our ideas above or on our Recipe page. Overall, brioche bread is now a staple in many cuisines around the world.

Where can you buy brioche bread?

St Pierre brioche products are available to purchase from a variety of supermarkets nationwide, both in store and online. For more information on where to buy our products check out our Where To Buy section.

Can you freeze brioche bread?

Brioche can be frozen without altering the quality in any way. Most of our products can be frozen, but we recommend freezing and consuming within one month from a quality perspective. For more accurate information on freezing St Pierre products, please check the individual product pages on our website or the back of the product packaging.

Strawberry and Cream Brioche Swirls Casserole

What to make with brioche bread?

  • 🍞 French toast: brioche is an excellent choice for making French toast because of its rich flavours and fluffy texture. Serve with maple syrup, fresh fruit and whipped cream for a decadent breakfast or brunch. See our French Toasts recipes for more inspiration.
  • 🍰 Bread and butter pudding: use brioche bread to make a classic bread and butter pudding. See our recipe layered with chocolate and cream.
  • 🥪 Sandwiches: brioche makes an excellent base for sandwiches. Try it with roasted turkey, cranberry sauce and brie for a festive-inspired sandwich or with ham and cheese for a classic French-style croque monsieur.
  • 🍔 Burgers: substitute regular burger buns with brioche buns for a more decadent burger experience.
  • 🥖 Croutons: cut brioche bread into cubes and toast in the oven for delicious croutons to put on top of your salads or soups.
  • 🍲 French onion soup: use brioche bread as the base for a delicious French onion soup. Toast the bread, top with melted gruyere cheese and serve on top of the soup.
  • 🧈 Tartines: top toasted brioche slices with avocado, smoked salmon, or ricotta cheese and honey for a delicious open-faced sandwich.
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