Father’s Day Fully Loaded Sandwiches Ideas

Treat your dad to a Parisian feast this year with St Pierre!

Steak Cheese Sub

It’s “la fête des Pères”, or as we know it, Father’s Day! Treat your dad to a Parisian feast this year with St Pierre. Our selection of recipes for fully-loaded sandwiches will be sure to put a smile on your “papa”’s face.

Steak Cheese Sub

Steak Cheese Sub

This fully loaded sub is rich in flavour, with slices of steak and melted cheese and dripping in gravy. Made with our soft and delicious St Pierre Brioche Baguettes, it’s most delicious served with some fries for a delicious lunch for dad.

French Dip Sandwich

Two St Pierre Soft Brioche Baguettes on a wooden board, with one filled with beef brisket and melted cheese

A tasty, dripping and deliciously filling loaded sandwich. Made with our St Pierre Brioche Baguettes,  slow-cooked beef brisket and cheese to melt on top, we like a strong blue cheese for this one. Drizzle over some gravy and then pour some into a side dish. Dip in and enjoy.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

A stack of St Pierre brioche waffles on a plate, with fried bacon, lettuce and fried chicken in between them

Spoil dad with a big, hearty lunch and make him a fried chicken sandwich with a touch of sweetness. Warm up some St Pierre Brioche waffles and top with a crispy coated chicken fillet. Add crispy bacon, cheese slices and a thick layer of spicy mayonnaise for an extra kick. Top with a second warm waffle and enjoy.

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Ham & Melted Cheese Sandwich recipe using St Pierre Brioche Loaf

Treat dad to a classic ham & cheese sandwich but with an indulgent twist. Melt some butter and brush on some slices of St Pierre Brioche Loaf. Place one slice of brioche on a baking tray, and layer with ham and cheese, add another slice of brioche on top and top with spinach and more cheese, add the last slice of brioche. Bake in the oven until the cheese has melted and brioche is golden brown. Your “papa” will be delighted!

If you make any of these fully loaded sandwiches for dad this Father’s Day, make sure to tag us on our Instagram and Facebook.

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