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Breakfast in Bed

Take Our St Pierre Valentine’s Day Quiz!

It could feel like the most romantic gesture to some, but to others it might be a faux pas. Discover which side you’re on when it comes to eating in bed.

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Here at St Pierre, we’ve created a Valentine’s Day quiz for you and your loved ones on 14th February.

You can discover whether the idea of eating breakfast in bed is the most romantic gesture or if brioche in the boudoir is a massive mistake.

Take Our Valentine’s Day Quiz


To find out more about Brits’ romantic dining styles and whether breakfast in bed is a Valentine’s Day win or sin, OnePoll conducted a survey on behalf of St Pierre with 2,000 UK adults. The results are in – take a look at what we found below.

After filling our Valentine’s Day quiz, we also wanted to make sure you have a magnifique Valentine’s Day, so the St Pierre team have come up with some ideas and tips for you to surprise your partner with.


St Pierre’s 4 Valentine’s Day Ideas To Surprise Your Partner With

  1. Make breakfast in bed for your loved one

With 23% of Brits planning on making breakfast in bed for a loved one this Valentine’s Day according to our survey (and 13% hoping to experience it themselves), we think this is one of the best and most romantic gestures. Plus you can make it as easy or as elaborate as you want!

Simple Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Serving delicious pastries such as St Pierre Croissants, Pains Au Chocolat and Waffles on a tray with your favourite spreads and some beverages is easy enough to pull together and bring upstairs to treat your partner to breakfast in bed.

An overhead photo of four croissants on a baking tray being held by a pair of hands with a tea towel fresh from the oven

You could even go for some lightly toasted slices of our Brioche Loaf and softened French butter if they fancy something more savoury – especially as 42% of people said they would allow this item to be eaten in bed.

Peanut Butter Jam Sliced Loaf

Next-level breakfast in bed tips

For something to show off your culinary skills, take a look at our Valentine’s Day breakfast recipes – there are some tasty options there including two different types of filled Brioche Bagels – a classic breakfast ingredients option, and a smoked salmon & cream cheese variety. We also have a Custard “Tart” recipe created by Mob using our Brioche Burger Buns. 

  1. Plan a Parisian-themed day or evening at home

Check out this blog post for our Parisian Valentine’s Day ideas – we’ve tried to bring some of the best things about the City of Light to you which can easily be recreated at home. From Parisian-inspired breakfasts in bed to a French-themed movie night, see what you could plan for your partner to take them off guard.

  1. Host your own Valentine’s Day dinner

There’s no better way to treat your partner than with a home cooked dinner, and we think St Pierre brioche is an easy way to elevate your meals without making it too complicated or expensive.

People Cheering Romantically In A Restaurant Lighten With Candles Ideal For Valentine's Day Quiz

If you or your partner are like the 54% of Brits who, according to our survey, do not allow food in bed, then a dinner option is probably your next best bet. We’ve created a whole host of Valentine’s Day dinner recipes that you could wow your loved one with – take a look at our ideas below.

Our Valentine’s Day page has more inspiration on it including top foods to include (and not) in your romantic meals, as well as St Pierre’s recipe ideas.

Blacked Salmon Brioche Burger

Our gourmet take on fish and chips in a burger, perfect for a date night meal or a great way to impress someone, using our Brioche Burger Buns. This dish will instantly take your tastebuds to a Parisian restaurant.

A photo of two burger buns filled with salmon fillets and diced vegetables, on a wooden board Ideal For Valentine's Day Quiz

Brioche Sushi Rolls

France meets Japan in this fusion food-style dish using our Brioche Rolls – our take on sushi rolls brings together lightly sweet brioche with crab and wasabi for a meal that will spice up you dinner table.

An overhead photo of three St Pierre Brioche Rolls filled with a crab and avocado mixture on a long serving plate Ideal For Valentine's Day Quiz

Portobello Mushroom Burger

If you’re in need of a vegetarian option for your Valentine’s Day dinner then how about this gourmet portobello veggie burger. Rich and indulgent, and yet simple to make in 30 minutes, make your burger night magnifique with this recipe and St Pierre’s Brioche Burger Buns.

A hand dripping sauce on top of a burger, on a wooden serving board with a tea towel next to it Ideal For Valentine's Day Quiz
  1. Serve up something sweet in between the sheets

Biscuits, chocolate and fruit all ranked highly as foods that Brits would eat in bed in our Valentine’s Day survey, and here at St Pierre that got us thinking… why not serve up a sweet treat or dessert for your partner in bed!

Easy Chocolate Dessert Sharer

The beauty of this dessert is that it only requires four ingredients – including our St Pierre Tear & Share – and is easy to whip up. If your partner not only has a sweet tooth but a love for chocolate, then this dish could be perfect to serve to them on Valentine’s Day. Not only that, chances are you’ll have some leftover for the next day!

Valentine's Day Brioche Chocolate Dessert Chocolate Dessert Sharer recipe drizzled with chocolate sauce Ideal For Valentine's Day Quiz - Easy ways switch brioche

Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding

If fruit is more of your thing, then how about our take on a classic bread and butter pudding? By using St Pierre’s Brioche Swirls (or our Chocolate Chip Brioche Swirls to add a little chocolate flavour into the dish), you can easily elevate this British dessert and impress your loved one with something sweet on Valentine’s Day.

Bread and Butter Pudding Ideal For Valentine's Day Quiz

We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day quiz and blog post. We wish you have a Saint-Valentin filled with love. If you do try any of these ideas, make sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram and Facebook. And if you want any more ideas on what to do or inspiration on what to make this Valentine’s Day, check out our Valentine’s Occasions Page.

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