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UK BBQ Outdoor Spread

Top 10 BBQ Tips & Food Ideas For This Summer

Elevate your BBQ gatherings with magnifique food ideas, tips and delicious recipes adding a touch of French flair to make your summer celebrations truly unforgettable.

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With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start firing up those BBQs and enjoy some al fresco brioche dining. Food always tastes better outside, and there are limitless possibilities of what you can cook on a barbecue. Just make sure you are serving it with St Pierre brioche to make your meals magnifique.

A BBQ isn’t just about the burgers and hot dogs, the side dishes are just as important and can be just as tasty.

To help you organise your next BBQ with attention to detail, we have gathered some tips, tricks and fantastic BBQ food ideas. Let St Pierre be your guide to a successful BBQ experience filled with flavour and inspiration.

  1. Prepare your sides beforehand

St Pierre Food Platter

Try slicing some St Pierre Brioche Baguettes with butter and garlic and baking them in the oven for an easy garlic bread. We’ve also tried this brioche garlic bread idea with our Mini Brioche Buns and Brioche Loaf if you’re looking for different ways to create this simple BBQ food idea. Take a look below.

Alternatively, toast some Brioche Rolls or Brioche Buns to mop up any sauce and accompany your salads. Provide a spread of St Pierre brioche for everyone to grab and transport your garden to the rooftops of Paris.

  1. Season your meat

Whether it’s chicken kebabs or burgers, meat loves seasoning almost as much as it loves St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls. Get creative with seasonings, marinades and rubs to make your meat even more flavourful. Impress your guests with your magnifique BBQ skills.

  1. Try some vegetarian BBQ food ideas alternatives

To cater for vegetarian guests or those looking for a veggie option, we’ve got you covered with some delicious St Pierre brioche BBQ food recipe ideas:

Harissa BBQ Cauliflower Vegetarian Burger

Warming spices, sweet honey and golden Brioche Burger Buns come together to create these delicious BBQ brioche burgers, perfect for those wanting a magnifique vegetarian option.

Cauliflower Burger

Bursting with flavour these burgers are made up of spiced cauliflower steaks, tahini yoghurt, harissa honey and homemade slaw.

Vegetarian Aubergine Burgers

Full of summery flavours, this vegetarian spin on a classic burger is made with grilled aubergine, fresh sliced tomatoes, whipped feta, your choice of fresh herbs, and of course, our golden and lightly sweet St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns. They’ll be sure to satisfy those who prefer to go for a meat-free option. And if you like this kind of BBQ food ideas, wait for what’s coming next!

Vegan Aubergine Burgers

Cumin And Aubergine Lamb BBQ Burger

Made in partnership with MOB Kitchen, these Mediterranean-inspired burgers will bring all the flavours of summer to your next BBQ. Golden and light St Pierre Seeded Brioche Burger Buns envelop grilled aubergine, lamb and feta, seasoned with fresh cumin and chilli flakes for an extra kick. So delicious, it’ll be difficult to have just one.

A Cumin Lamb and Aubergine BBQ Burger on a pink plate, placed on a white table with St Pierre burger buns in the background

Grilled Halloumi, Red Pepper Hummus & Salad

A firm vegetarian favourite for BBQ season, you can’t go wrong with halloumi – especially when it’s inside brioche! Try this simple grilled halloumi, red pepper hummus and salad BBQ burger idea this summer. We can’t promise these will last long though at your next BBQ.

How to grill seafood at a BBQ?

Grilling seafood can be a delightful addition to your BBQ menu. Opt for thick and firm fish varieties like salmon, tuna or swordfish that can withstand the heat of the grill. Brush the fish with a marinade or olive oil, season with herbs and spices, and grill over a medium heat until it flakes easily. Serve it with a squeeze of lemon or a flavourful sauce for a delectable seafood feast.

  1. Clean with flavour

Between rounds of grilling meat and vegetables, quickly clean your grill by slicing an onion in half and running the cut side along the grates. This not only cleans the grill but also infuses your meat with subtle flavour. Enjoy a BBQ experience full of taste by grilling your burgers on a freshly cleaned grill and serving them in St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns with your favourite condiments.

What are some unique marinades or rubs I can use to add flavour to my BBQ?

Experiment with tantalising marinades and rubs to take your BBQ to the next level. Try a zesty citrus marinade for chicken or a spicy chipotle rub for beef. Get creative and explore different flavour profiles to impress your guests.

  1. BBQ food ideas: grill your burger buns

Infuse your burgers with even more smoky flavour by placing your St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns on the grill for a short while before serving. It will warm them up, infuse them with that deliciously smoky BBQ flavour, and will take your BBQ burgers to the next level.

Burger Buns on a kitchen Grill

Burgers are a BBQ classic, so why not take them to the next level to impress your guests this year. For a successful summer, find our favourite BBQ burger ideas below:

BBQ Lemon Chicken Burgers With Peppers

A fresher, lighter burger perfect for summer days, this BBQ brioche recipe is great for those wanting an alternative to red meat. With lemon marinaded chicken breasts, peppers and sliced courgette served inside a Brioche Burger Bun with some zesty lemon mayonnaise. Grill the chicken, vegetables and burger buns on the BBQ for that extra smoky taste.

Grilled Lemon Chicken Burgers With Peppers

Tuna Steak And Avocado Burgers

For a chic take on a BBQ burger, this recipe for tuna steak and avocado burgers brings a touch of sophistication to your next BBQ party. Seared tuna steak, fresh avocado and sriracha mayo for a spicy kick, all between the two sides of a St Pierre Brioche Burger Bun, make for a fresh summery meal, any time of day.

Tuna Steak Burgers

For more BBQ burger tips, why not take a look at our handy video guide below:

How can I make my burgers more flavourful?

Seasoning is the key! Get creative with seasonings, marinades and rubs to enhance the flavour of your burgers. And don’t forget to grill your St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns for added smoky goodness.

  1. Freeze your burgers

Having trouble with your burger patties sticking to the grill? Try freezing them for 10 minutes before grilling. They should come off the grill much easier and ready to be stacked on your Brioche Burger Buns. Take your time, enjoy conversation with your friends, or take a moment to yourself while the burgers cook slightly longer.

BBQ Food Ideas - Frozen Beef Patties

How can I incorporate St Pierre brioche into my BBQ besides using it for buns?

St Pierre brioche offers so many versatile options beyond burger buns. Consider using sliced St Pierre Brioche Loaf to make delicious French toast as a breakfast treat ahead of your BBQ, or usa as a base for tasty bruschetta. You can also use St Pierre Brioche Baguettes to make grilled crostini or delightful bread pudding desserts.

If you’re in need of some inspiration as to how you can use St Pierre brioche and other bakery products for your next BBQ that isn’t for burgers or hot dogs, take a look at our ideas below.

  1. Elevate your BBQ experience with brioche hot dogs

No BBQ is complete without a few classic hot dogs, and with St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls, you can take your BBQ hot dog staples to the next level. Have a look at our Hot Dog BBQ food recipe ideas to impress your guests with and add a touch of Parisian flair for your next BBQ.

Chicken Kebab Hot Dogs

Take your classic chicken kebabs to new heights with our recipe for Chicken Kebab Hot Dogs. Our golden St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls envelop chicken and vegetable kebab skewers, with a fresh yoghurt and mint sauce, for an easy and delicious BBQ crowd pleaser.

Chicken Kebab Hot Dogs BBQ Food Ideas

BBQ Rib Rack Hot Dogs

For those who love the smoky and rich flavour or BBQ ribs, this recipe for Rib Rack Hot Dogs is love as first bite. The light sweetness of our St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls is a perfect match for the deep flavour of the ribs. Serve with some fresh cucumber and coleslaw for a deliciously decadent BBQ treat.

BBQ Hot Dog Ideas

Halloumi, Grilled Vegetable And Avocado Hot Dogs

Vegetarian BBQ options are the underrated star of many BBQs. For your meat-free guests and those who enjoy a bit of variety, these Halloumi, Grilled Vegetable and Avocado Hot Dogs are a flavourful dream.

Halloumi and Avocado Rolls

The light sweetness from our golden and soft St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls contrast with the salty crunch of the halloumi, the smooth smashed avocado and grilled vegetables. This BBQ dish will make you say “Ooh La La!”.

Lamb Kofta Hot Dogs

Lamb koftas are increasingly becoming a BBQ favourite. So why not try putting them in a hot dog roll, or specifically a St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Roll. The sweetness of the brioche combined with the spiced koftas and homemade houmous, creates a delicious dish that’s a great way to use up any hot dog rolls at your next BBQ.

Kofta Hot Dog Roll BBQ Food Ideas

Need some extra hints and tips for creating the perfect BBQ hot dogs? Watch our video guide below.

  1. Outside or on a rush? Think sandwiches!

Delicious and golden finger sandwiches, classic afternoon tea picnic sandwiches with a touch of Parisian taste, sweet Japanese-inspired fruit slices, a classic BBQ hasselback baguette and a smoky and lightly sweet BBQ take on a cheese toastie. St Pierre brioche adds magnifique flavour to all these summer-inspired sandwich recipes.

Baguette Finger Sandwiches

Add a taste of Paris to your picnic with some St Pierre finger sandwiches. Golden, soft and easy, they’ll bring a touch of sophistication to your picnics and alfresco lunches. Mix it up with a fresh take on a ham and cheese sandwich, a deliciously Mediterranean roasted pepper and goats cheese combination, and an Italian-inspired chicken, pesto and hummus sandwich. All between the two sides of a light and rich St Pierre Soft Brioche Baguette.

Baguette Sandwiches BBQ Food Ideas

Sliced Brioche Sandwiches

Infuse classic afternoon tea sandwiches with French flair with these sliced brioche sandwiches. Golden and rich slices of our St Pierre Brioche Loaf with delicious fillings for a taste of a Parisian summer. Whether you’re partial to the ham and brie variety, are an avocado and salmon afficionado or love a tomato and mozzarella sandwich, there’s something for everyone.

Loaf Sandwiches

BBQ Hasselback Brioche Baguettes

A hearty classic with a lightly sweet spin, our Hasselback Brioche Baguette combines the Parisian elegance of our St Pierre Brioche Baguette with the hearty taste of bacon and cheese for a BBQ crowd-pleaser.

Hasselback Baguette BBQ food ideas

BBQ Brioche Cheese Toastie

Add smoky flavour and a touch of Parisian sweetness to your classic cheese toastie with our St Pierre Brioche Loaf. This BBQ brioche cheese toastie is a stunning take on a favourite and makes your BBQs magnifique!

Loaf Cheese Toastie BBQ food ideas

We’ve collated some of our favourite brioche sandwich ideas from Instagram to inspire your next BBQ or summer gathering – scroll through them below:

  1. Don’t forget the desserts

Introducing desserts adds a sweet and refreshing element to your BBQ menu, providing a balance of flavours and satisfying different taste preferences. It ensures that everyone, including those with a sweet tooth, can enjoy a complete and diverse culinary experience. The coolness of desserts will also provide a refreshing break from the heat of grilled foods.

Japanese Sandwiches

Tokyo meets Paris in every bite of these sweet and unique brioche fruit sandwiches. A bright and colourful alternative to cake, made magnifique with slices of our delicious St Pierre Brioche Loaf.


Japanese Sandwiches

Pimms Layer Cake

A classic sign of the British summer is when glasses of Pimm’s are served. So why not create a dessert out of this quintessentially British summer drink to accompany your BBQ gathering. Using St Pierre Brioche Loaf, slices of strawberries and raspberries soaked in Pimm’s and a Pimm’s-infused cream all layered together to create a delicious dessert that is worthy of your best BBQ for those with a sweet tooth.

Pimms Layer Cake

Aperol Cream Buns

It’s not a BBQ without a little bit of Aperol, so why not try making these deliciously indulgent Aperol Cream Buns as the perfect dessert to finish off your next BBQ. And who says our brioche buns can only be used for burgers! Filling sugar-crusted Brioche Burger Buns with Aperol-infused oranges and cream to make a tangy and sweet dessert.

Aperol Cream Bun BBQ food ideas

Still needing some more dessert inspiration for your next BBQ? Then look no further at our sweet ideas from our Instagram channel:

Are there any refreshing beverage ideas to complement a BBQ menu?

Absolutely! Elevate your BBQ experience with refreshing beverage options. Consider serving fruity sangrias or creating a signature cocktail using seasonal ingredients. For a non-alcoholic option, infuse water with fresh fruits or herbs for a refreshing twist.

  1. Make your BBQs magnifique!

Try infusing your next BBQ with some French flair! You can use our BBQ food ideas above or add a French cheese platter to your table, pop a bottle of Champagne to celebrate yourself and your loved ones, play some French music in the background and of course, don’t forget to serve up plenty of St Pierre. Now you can be sure your BBQ will stay in everyone’s mind as the most magnifique BBQ gathering there ever was!

How can I create a visually appealing BBQ spread?

Presentation is key! Arrange your BBQ spread with attention to colours and textures. Incorporate vibrant seasonal fruits and vegetables, garnish dishes with fresh herbs, and use stylish platters and serving utensils. Adding decorative touches like colourful napkins, or themed decorations can also enhance the visual appeal of your BBQ gathering.

By following these tips, trying out new recipes and incorporating St Pierre brioche into your BBQ, you’ll create a memorable and flavourful summer dining experience. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, the sizzle of the grill, and the joy of sharing delicious food with family and friends. Bon appétit!

If you try any of these tips and recipes, be sure to take a photo and tag us @StPierreUK on Instagram and Facebook. We would love to see how you have used St Pierre brioche at your next BBQ!

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