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Brioche Brunch Board Mother's Day ideas

Top 10 Tips & Ideas To Treat Your Mum for Mother’s Day

Using St Pierre’s delicious range of brioche and bakery products, you can show you mum how much you love them with our magnifique recipes and serving suggestions

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Celebrate your “maman” this Mother’s Day with St Pierre. Ahead of Mother’s Day – Sunday 19th March 2023 – we have come up with Mother’s Day ideas in these following 10 different ways to treat the mother figures in your life – be it you mum, grandmother, partner or someone else.

We think showing you care with delicious treats is a simple yet magnifique way to spoil someone

Our inspiration ranges from simple ways to serve our brioche and wider product range, right through to Mother’s Day menu ideas if you’re looking to spend a bit more time cooking something special. We’ve also tried to think about ways you can serve your special someone something on Mother’s Day throughout the day – from breakfast in bed to ending on a sweet note.

Take a look below at our top 10 tips and ideas to treat your mum for Mother’s Day. If you try out any of our Mother’s Day ideas, be sure to tag @StPierreEurope on Instagram and Facebook, and keep an eye out on our social channels for more ideas to try out at home.

St Pierre’s Top 10 Tips & Ideas To Treat Your Mum with our Mother’s Day Ideas

When is Mother's Day?

This year, Mother’s Day takes place on Sunday 19th March 2023. The date varies each year, as it is linked to when Easter lands in the calendar.

Why are there two Mother's Days?

In the UK, Mother’s Day takes place a couple of months before the USA. Mother’s Day in the UK takes place in March, while Americans celebrate the day in May – this year it takes place on Sunday 14th May 2023.

When did Mother's Day start in the UK?

Mothering Sunday dates back to the 16th century when people on the fourth Sunday during the Christian festival of Lent would visit their mothers and homes to meet up again and spend time with their loved ones.

What is the perfect Mother's Day meal?

At St Pierre, we believe any way you show you care to your mums through food, you can’t go wrong! From the simplest of serving suggestions right through to a home cooked menu, the perfect meal can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be. Take a look at our ideas below for some Mother’s Day ideas.

  1. Create a brioche-filled breakfast board

Creating a brioche-filled board full of you mum’s favourite foods is one easy but impressive way to treat them on Mother’s Day. You can do this in various ways and for plenty of meals throughout the day. Take a look at our ideas below:

Breakfast Board

See how we easily created this impressive Mother’s Day Breakfast Board in our video above. Using a variety of St Pierre products – we’ve gone for toasted slices of our Brioche Loaf as well as Caramel Waffles, Millionaires Waffles, Belgian Waffles With Butter and Croissants – alongside fruits, sliced meats, salmon, granola and syrup, turn Mother’s Day breakfast into a special moment.

Brioche Brunch Board Mother's Day ideas

Vegan Board

Using our vegan St Pierre Croissants and Pains Au Chocolat, create an impressive vegan breakfast board using your favourite fruits, nuts, toppings and spreads. Take a look at how we created it on our Instagram post.

Butter Board

One of the big foodie trends, create a simple butter board and serve St Pierre brioche on the side. You can make these sweet or savoury, but we’ve combined both in this Instagram post. We’ve used cream cheese and smoked salmon as the savoury option, and for those with a sweet tooth we’ve added chocolate spread and sliced strawberries to the board.

Fruit & Nut Board

Either serve them up pre-prepared or let your mum and loved ones make their own, this Fruit and Nut Board uses our Brioche Swirls and features a range of fillings including kiwi and Greek yoghurt, strawberry and mascarpone and peaches and ricotta.

Fruity Fruit Nut Breakfast Mother's Day ideas
  1. Serve up bagels for a Mother’s Day brunch at home

Our Brioche Soft Bagels are one of the best ways to elevate your meals at home – simply toasted and served with your favourite spreads, filled with your favourite breakfast ingredients or even a way to elevate your burgers. Here are some ideas of how you could use them to treat mum on Mother’s Day…

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

A classic and light breakfast or brunch option, the creamy and smooth cheese and fresh smoked salmon paired with our lightly sweet and soft Brioche Bagels is a winning combination.

St Pierre Salmon & Cream Brioche Bagel

Scrambled Egg & Avocado

Another classic breakfast combination that will bring a taste of Paris to your morning, these Scrambled Egg and Avocado Brioche Bagels. We’ve been inspired by the popular Egg Slut sandwiches with this recipe and added a little sriracha mayo to add a spicy kick to the dish.

St Pierre Egg And Avocado Brioche Bagels On A Cutting Board

Breakfast Bagels

A tasty alternative to an English Breakfast, these Breakfast Bagels combine crispy bacon, a fried egg, sliced avocado and tomato for a delicious dish to start the day with.

Breakfast Bagels
  1. Add some adult flavours to your brioche dishes

For an added treat, we’ve come up with two St Pierre recipes that include some classic alcoholic drinks flavours that paired with brioche, make for a grown-up Mother’s Day meal option…

Aperol Cream Brioche Buns

Bringing together two favourites from France and Italy in this grown-up recipe idea. This delicious dessert bun combines the slight bitterness of the Aperol with tangy oranges and sweet brioche buns

Aperol Cream Bun BBQ food ideas

Pimm’s Layer Cake

Nothing quite beats a glass of Pimm’s and in this Layer Cake we’ve combined the classic summer drink with slices of our soft St Pierre Brioche Loaf, layered with Pimm’s-infused cream and sweet strawberries.

Pimms Layer Cake
  1. Host a Mother’s Day afternoon tea

Serving a homemade afternoon tea feels quite special and indulgent, but requires very little effort. If you’re in need of a Mother’s Day afternoon tea menu, take a look at what we would serve below…

Brioche mini sandwiches

Using our Brioche Loaf, Brioche Baguettes and Brioche Soft Bagels and filling them with our favourite sandwich fillings, we’ve create the savoury part of this afternoon tea menu in an easy yet upgraded way. Simply use our products to make up the sandwiches, cut them into bite-sized pieces and serve on either a wooden board or cake stand if you have one at home.

Brioche Afternoon Tea Tear & Share

For one magnifique sweet treat to serve as part of your at-home Mother’s Day afternoon, try this Brioche Tear & Share recipe. It takes under 20 minutes to make and only requires three ingredients including our Vanilla Brioche Tear & Share, so you can whip this one up in no time and if this is the only sweet dish that you serve, it will be a showstopper on the table.

St Pierre Afternoon Tear & Share With Tea Mother's Day ideas

Raspberry Mascarpone Rolls

A delicious way to use our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls for a sweet afternoon tea treat, create these Raspberry Mascarpone Rolls. Filled with a raspberry cream, you could serve one roll per guest at your Mother’s Day afternoon tea or cut them into bite-sized pieces.

Raspberry Mascarpone Rolls

Brioche Custard “Tart” Buns

Thanks to this recipe we created with Mob, we’ve transformed our Brioche Burger Buns into a magnifique “tart”. Decorated with your favourite sliced fruits and a dusting of icing sugar, these sweet treats will bring the flavours of a French patisserie into your kitchen.

  1. Put together a mini yet magnifique menu

To celebrate our newest product into the range – Mini Brioche Buns – we’ve come up with a mini Mother’s Day menu ideas to treat your mum and family with in a bite-sized. Take a look at the different ways you can use these buns…

Sweet Bun Selection

We have gone all out with our Mini Brioche Buns and filling them with the sweetest of flavours. Chocolate, Banana & Peanuts is one great combination, Oreos & Ice Cream is another, and Strawberries & Cream is a classic. Which ones will you serve up?

Sweet Mini Brioche Burgers

Mini Brioche Doughnuts

Creating your own doughnuts couldn’t be easier thanks to our new Mini Brioche Buns. Just stuff the Mini Brioche Buns with jam and custard then roll them in sugar – ready in minutes and no kneading, proving or frying required.

Mini Burger Dougnuts On A Skewer

Mini Burgers

Keep it simple and create some mini burgers this Mother’s Day for a more bite-sized savoury treat.

Trio Of Mini Burger Brioche Buns With Fries

You could either make your own patties to go inside them, or use one of the following:

  • 🧆 Meatballs
  • 🐔 Chicken nugget or a chicken goujon cut in half
  • 🌭 Sausages cut in half
  • 🐟 Fish finger or goujon cut in half
  • 🥩 Pulled meat or plant-based alternative (pull pork or jackfruit work well)

Camembert Mini Brioche Bun Ring

Go all out and create an impressive showstopper with some Camembert topped with crispy pancetta and our Mini Brioche Buns with a garlic and herb butter melted and brushed on top.

Mini Burger Bun Camembert Ring With Hand
  1. Try out some easy foodie trends

Jammy Eggs

Also known as ramen eggs, these are essentially in between hard and soft boiled eggs – the half-cooked yolk has a similar texture to jam, while the cooked egg whites are firm. Simply serve these jammy eggs on toasted slices of our Brioche Loaf with cooked cherry tomatoes and some wilted spinach for a delicious way to start the day.

Jammy Eggs On Brioche Loaf Toasts

Shakshuka with Toasted Brioche

A brunch dish growing in popularity, this one-pot wonder is best served with toasted Brioche Buns on the side for dipping – perfect for soaking all the last delicious flavours left in the dish.

Shakshuka Brioche Dip Mother's Day ideas
  1. Serve a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed

Nothing says “I love you” more than creating a special surprise for your mum this Mother’s Day. So why not serve them breakfast in bed the St Pierre way?

Lemon & Greek Yoghurt Belgian Waffles

One recipe idea that we love for a breakfast in bed treat is our Lemon & Greek Yoghurt Waffles. Using our Belgian Waffles With Butter, topped with Greek yoghurt, tangy lemon curd and raspberries, and crunchy granola, this breakfast idea is easy to make in less than 15 mins and will feel like special way for you mum to start the day.

Lemon Greek Yoghurt Waffles

Cinnamon Brioche Swirls

For the coffee shop experience in the comfort of your own home, use our Brioche Swirls to create our take on a Cinnamon Roll. Making our versions of this pastry takes under 20 minutes to prepare and cook, plus you’ll have enough for six people to try.

Cinnamon Swirls Rolls
  1. Sweeten up your Mother’s Day menu

If your mum has a serious sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our brioche desserts to treat mum with on Mother’s Day…

Brioche Banoffee Pies

We’ve taken a classic dessert and put our St Pierre brioche spin on it using our Chocolate Chip Brioche Swirls. Caramel sauce and sliced banana inside our Swirls with a scoop of ice cream on the side makes for a simple yet magnifique Mother’s Day sweet treat or dessert.

Banana Toastie Banoffee pies Father's Day Food Gift Ideas

Berries & Cream Brioche Swirl Pie

Another recipe idea using our Brioche Swirls – using apples and blackberries as the fruit combination in this dish, bring together sweet and tangy flavours with our light brioche to create an elegant dessert.

Brioche Swirl Pie Berries & Cream

Strawberries & Cream Brioche Swirls Bake

Simply add your favourite jam between our Brioche Vanilla Swirls in an oven dish and bake until warmed through. Top with cream cheese frosting, grated chocolate and fresh berries for a sweet way to show your loved ones you care.

Strawberry and Cream Brioche Swirls Casserole
  1. Use up your leftovers for something magnifique

If you have some leftover St Pierre brioche at home and wondering whether you can use it up to make something magnifique, then you would be right! We have a few ideas on ways you can transform your leftovers below for Mother’s Day…

Brioche Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding

Eight slices of our Brioche Loaf are needed for this chocolate version of a classic bread and butter pudding – a nice way to use up the loaf if you’re wondering what to do with it. Create it for the end of a Mother’s Day meal, or bring it around to your mum’s house as a sweet treat for them to enjoy – you can’t go wrong with this classic dessert.

St Pierre's Brioche Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding recipe sprinkled with a dusting of icing sugar - Mother's Day Food Ideas Chocolate Bread Pudding

Brioche Topped Apple Pie

Another one to add to our Mother’s Day ideas is this classic dessert with a brioche spin, but this time from across the pond. Make our version of an apple pie topped with toasted pieces of our Brioche Loaf. You could serve this in one big dish, or even smaller ramekins to give everyone their own portion.

Brioche Loaf Top Apple Pie

Croissant Croutons

For a lighter Mother’s Day meal option but served with something magnifique, try out these Croissant Croutons. Using any leftover croissants that you might serve in the morning, simply chop them into pieces, toss in some oil and season and bake in the oven for 5-10 minutes for croutons with a Parisian twist.

  1. Simply serve St Pierre

We’re firm believers here at St Pierre that our products on their own are one of the best ways you can serve them. And the mother figures in your life will appreciate a simple but thoughtful gesture like this. You could start Mother’s Day off with warmed up St Pierre Croissants and Pains Au Chocolat and hot cups of coffee or tea like the above. Bring them a drink and a Millionaires Waffle for an indulgent moment, or even serve some Brioche Swirls at the end of a celebratory meal.

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